Case Study- Jill P (Carer)

Case Study- Jill P (Carer)

Jill is one of our carers. She has been with us for 2 years and would like to share her story with you.

When I came back to Taunton almost 2 years ago, I had moved in with my sister, had no job, a lack of confidence, and I thought my age may be a problem finding a new career.

I signed up at the job centre and with their help I was put on a “back to work” introduction week, where I was introduced to Care Wyvern.


I spoke to the recruiting officer, being honest about my situation, skill and employment status. For a long time I had been a mother and wife and had no real experience of the elderly.


I wanted a job and Care Wyvern thought I was what they were looking for, so offered me a job, which I accepted and sent away for my DBS check. Care Wyvern paid for that, which lessened my money concerns.


I started my induction with Kerry and after the first day, I went home, realising I knew more about care than I had thought and I felt good. The staff I met were friendly and there was a lovely atmosphere in the office. I was offered a cup of tea whenever I went in.


After the Induction, I did some shadowing of the other carers, the girls were friendly and one in particular was so good and I thought that if I was as half as good as her I’d be satisfied with myself.

One of my first calls was a sit and we watched the Remembrance Service together.


I have enjoyed every minute of the job. I have had tears, frustration and laughter, sometimes all in one day, but each day can be a joy and different.

I have gained  so much from my job, but more importantly I must be doing a good job as our clients  asked me to return to their homes , which is a privilege, and Care Wyvern still employs me !!


As told in Jill’s words.

Jill is a valued member of our team, she goes above and beyond for our clients and is always a pleasure to chat with when she visits us in the office. Thank you Jill.