Clare is out and about

Clare is out and about

It is such a busy day today at Care Wyverns office. Not only do we welcome three new Social Care professionals into the team but we also launch Clare Wyvern out into the homes of Taunton, Somerset.

As I am sure, you have read on our blogs and on facebook, we have been on a recruitment drive. We were seeking compassionate and caring people to join our team and we are happy to have met three fabulous people who feel they can help support our clients in their day-to-day life. They are currently nestled under the wings of Kerry, our In house trainer, learning all about what it takes to be a great carer for Care Wyvern.

In addition, of course our brand new marketing material has arrived too. We have flyers with Clare supporting people in four different scenes, including a walk in the park. And we have a brilliant New Hospital Passport and visitors Book featuring Clare Wyvern too!

We developed the Hospital Passports for our clients to help ease their journey into and out of hospital. Each client will have a new Passport whenever they have to visit the hospital.

The Visitors Book is also for each of our clients, they will be placed in each home and open for any of their family or visitors to leave a comment or view. We really hope they will be used in such a way that we can build upon our care and support people the way they would like.


Do let us know when you receive Flyer with Clare on and if you see one of our booklets, we would like to know how far they travel.



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