Friends Against Scams

Friends Against Scams

At the start of the month, our Operations manager Tina, became the first member of staff to become a Friend Against Scams. Since then, all of the office staff and a number of the team have also undertaken the training, and we hope that by the end of the month, each member of staff will have become a Friend Against Scams.

Friends Against Scams is a scam awareness training course ran interactively by Trading Standards. It offers a thorough insight into the ways in which fraudsters scam members of our community – be that face to face, online or via telephone. With the country part way through a second lockdown, it is more likely that people will become victims to these scams as they are more vulnerable and isolated than they usually are.

“When I heard about the training offered by Trading Standards I knew it would be invaluable for our staff. We heard a story about a person within our own community who almost fell victim to such a scam, and it really brought home how common this type of fraud is, and highlighted to us just how easy it can be for people to be misled by criminals. We began rolling out the training at the start of this month, and I hope that by the end of the month all our staff will be a Friend Against Scams.”

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