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“When I came back to Taunton almost 2 years ago, I had moved in with my sister, had no job, a lack of confidence, and I thought my age may be a problem finding a new career.

I signed up at the job centre and with their help I was put on a “back to work” introduction week, where I was introduced to Care Wyvern. I spoke to the recruiting officer, being honest about my situation, skill and employment status. For a long time I had been a mother and wife and had no real experience of the elderly. I wanted a job and Care Wyvern thought I was what they were looking for, so offered me a job, which I accepted and sent away for my DBS check. Care Wyvern paid for that, which lessened my money concerns.

I started my induction with Kerry and after the first day, I went home, realising I knew more about care than I had thought and I felt good. The staff I met were friendly and there was a lovely atmosphere in the office. I was offered a cup of tea whenever I went in. After the Induction, I did some shadowing of the other carers, the girls were friendly and one in particular was so good and I thought that if I was as half as good as her I’d be satisfied with myself. One of my first calls was a sit and we watched the Remembrance Service together.

I have enjoyed every minute of the job. I have had tears, frustration and laughter, sometimes all in one day, but each day can be a joy and different. I have gained  so much from my job, but more importantly I must be doing a good job as our clients asked me to return to their homes , which is a privilege, and Care Wyvern still employs me !!”

As told in Jill’s words. 2017

Jill has been with Care Wyvern since 2014. Since her time with us, she has grown immensely, becoming a firm favourite with clients and a trusted member of the team. Jill has completed her Level 2 in Health and Social Care and is working towards Level 3 in Health and Social Care. At Care Wyvern we value our staff, ensuring they become the right care assistants for our clients. In order to provide them with the most appropriate care plan most suited for them.


David is one of our experienced social care workers who work within a team supporting a client with complex needs. Providing care that’s at least likened, if not better than care provided at Care Home.

He has offered to share his thoughts with us throughout his career at Care Wyvern

“I considered care work because I feel that being present for another person, who is facing a demanding moment in her or his existence, is something very dignifying. By making a difference in someone else’s life, we increase our own value as individuals and as members of our society.

Although I originally began working for a different company, as a support worker in assisted living, I wanted to try care in the community. After a few months, I applied for my current role at Care Wyvern. Social care work presented itself as a more dynamic and diversified experience than my previous employment.

I was concerned with my professional background, the bulk of which is unrelated to care. During the recruitment, I felt Care Wyvern looked at me as an individual whose unique mix of experiences (whether educational, professional, volunteering or personal…) translated into positive contributes to the role.  I felt appreciated, grateful, and in turn, this stimulated my personal commitment. The training provided and the support of the whole team were and continue being instrumental in clarifying, refreshing, and helping to meet new demands of the role, when needed.

I believe a carer’s contribution to another person’s life is important. In addition, the memories that I am collecting are fond ones. Care work is an enriching experience that I strongly recommend having, without reservation”


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