Covid 19 – Update 2nd April 2020

Care Wyvern has received some feedback regarding the updates around people who have Covid -19. As you are aware, from the Government Daily briefings, testing kits have been very difficult to get hold of, and where there are test available these have been used to test frontline NHS staff. It is clear from the updates Care Wyvern receive on a daily basis from the Department of Health and Social Care we can expect to have more news about testing care staff sometime soon, we will of course keep you updated about this.

We continue to have a number of staff off, currently about a 5th of the work force, who are self-isolating as a precautionary measure, or, because they fall into one of the vulnerable groups identified by the Government.

As an organisation we are adhering to the government guidance, we are also taking our responsibilities under our infection control measures very seriously. The staff are self isolating if they have any of the symptoms published by NHS England. As a result the carers may be self-isolating because they have a common cold and not because they believe they could have Covid – 19. Should Care Wyvern be informed that there is a confirmed case of Covid – 19 we will be transparent in reporting this.  

The risk to the UK remains at high. With this in mind Care Wyvern has published it’s Policy covering Covid-19. This can be found on the Care Wyvern Website, If you would like a printed hard or email copy please contact the office. The policy is being emailed to all care staff so they will also be aware of it’s contents.

The office continues to be open from 09:30 – 15:30 Monday – Friday. On-call remains to be covered outside of these revised times. The office is also being maned by a skeleton staff.

We would like to thank all of our clients for their support and patience. It must be recognised that Care Wyvern is very fortunate to have a staff team that are dedicated to their role, their clients and the company and continually go the extra mile to carry out their duties. We are so proud of our team and cannot thank them enough.