Older People | Live-in Care in Taunton and Somerset

The Elderly | Live-in Care in Taunton and Somerset

Life expectancy is increasing across the board. To enjoy this increased life longevity to the fullest, it’s important that services are designed accordingly. They must support the well being of older people. One of which service, is live-in care. We at Care Wyvern provide high quality live-in care in Taunton and Somerset. This allows the elderly to live the rest of their years in the comfort of there own homes. In addition, with the benefit of tailor made care, provided specifically for them. Through live-in care, we can provide a truly beneficial level of care to our clients. Oppose to the environment changing alternative, a residential care home.

‘Our Health, Our Care, Our Say’ (Department of Health, 2006) confirmed that people want support when they need it, and they expect it quickly, easily and in a way, that fits into their lives. Therefore, through our services, we aim to ensure you with the peace of mind, knowing your loved ones are well cared for. Additionally, you can access us 24 hours a day. You can call during our normal office hours, or our out-of-hours emergency service.

By providing live-in care in Taunton and Somerset, our service aims to truly help the elderly acquire the care they need, despite the conditions they may have. Care Wyvern has primarily built its name and reputation on assisting older people. We have considerable expertise in dealing with this service user group and offer many staff who have acquired great skill in dealing with people who suffer from dementia.

Don't just take our word for it...

I would like to compliment Care Wyvern as they are motivational and have helped me, as previously I used to feel scared but they will give me time to talk and have discussed with me thought patterns, changing the way I think into a positive and achieving attitude.
Care Wyvern are very caring and they make me feel wanted and they are very helpful when I am ill, which is the time when I really need them.
They are more motivated to help when I am sick. I think the world of Care Wyvern.


Mrs D

The management staff are polite, approachable, helpful and any concerns noted. The care staff are well trained and caring and treat clients with dignity. Leading us to the death of my father, Care Wyvern staff were supportive, understanding and willing to adapt to the changing needs and medication requirements he had. They are also supportive and encouraging to my mother who is a dementia sufferer and I want the care staff she has come attached to, to continue to deliver personal care to her in her widowhood.

Mrs H

My mother receives fantastic support from Care Wyvern, many of her helpers became good friends. The ability to change care plans quickly from 1 or 2 visits a week to every day was really good. Excellent staff.

Thank you for helping my mum.

Mrs L

Have had first class help from my carer. Sorry to say goodbye to her.

Miss C

I was completely satisfied with the carers who came to me over five days. They were punctual, polite and caring.

Mrs A

The carers who come and prepare food and talk to my mother are all very kind, caring and professional. They leave a note of what has happened during their call, so I can see when I come in if anything unusual happened and how my mother was.

The supervisors are very helpful and supportive and rectify any problems quickly. My mother has dementia and is treated with great respect and gentleness by all the staff. I feel confident that she is in safe hands with them and that they will contact me if there’s anything to do with my mother’s care that I need to be made aware of.

Mrs H

Our aunt (100 yrs) was treated with intelligent care and respect despite her being awkward on occasions. Although Care Wyvern only assisted for 1 month we were very pleased and had she not had to go into residential care would have been happy and continued with Care Wyvern. The office staff were excellent every time we rang.


Mrs D

Professional yet loving care. Liaised well with the family

Mrs R