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    Palliative care

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    Care Wyvern believes in the importance of providing high-quality and compassionate palliative care and support for clients and their relatives, carers and loved ones during the end stage of their life. We believe that at the end of their life all people should be treated with the utmost respect, compassion and dignity, supporting them where possible to make advance decisions relating to their care and treatment and respecting their preferences.

    A tailored care plan is agreed with all parties involved that fully takes into account the individual’s wishes, preferences and spiritual beliefs as well as their medical and social care needs. We ensure that our specialised trained staff provide comfort, companionship, personal care and nutrition throughout the entirety of the care package.


    We ensure that our staff are trained to deliver high quality person centred care.We ensure that they are competent to specifically deliver end of life care that meets the National End of Life Care Strategy seven principles. These are:

    1. Choices and priorities of the individual are at the centre of planning and delivery
    2. Effective, straightforward, sensitive, and open communication between individuals, families, friends and workers underpins all planning and activity. Communication reflects an understanding of the significance of each individual’s beliefs and needs
    3. Delivery through close multidisciplinary and interagency working
    4. Individuals, families and friends are well informed about the range of options and resources available to them to be involved with care planning
    5. Care is delivered in a sensitive, person centred way, taking account of circumstances, wishes and priorities of the individual, family and friends
    6. Care and support are available to anyone affected by the end of life and death of an individual
    7. Staff are supported to develop knowledge, skills and attitudes. Staff take responsibility for, and recognise the importance of, their continuing professional development.

    Specialist training is provided to staff through various means to enhance their skills and knowledge throughout their career with Care Wyvern, to continually better meet the needs of the people we are providing end of life care for.

    We approach End of life holistically, remembering that  “the little things that matter”

    Care Wyvern is accredited with The Somerset Clinical Commissioning Group (CCG), to provide End of Life care funded by the NHS, to people in Somerset. The quality of the care provided by Care Wyvern in this sector is consistently praised by families. If you woul dlike to discuss your needs please Contact us today


    Don't just take our word for it...

    Care Wyvern provided care for my mother over several years. I found them very good and helped very much with extras, arranging tablets, washing, tidying, sitting and talking to my mother, encouraging her to eat and drink more.
    Very professional company, good contact with relatives, kept informed of any issues, made good suggestions, always stayed for the full allotted time. In summary, I would highly recommend Care Wyvern.

    Mr W

    My mother receives fantastic support from Care Wyvern, many of her helpers became good friends. The ability to change care plans quickly from 1 or 2 visits a week to every day was really good. Excellent staff.

    Thank you for helping my mum.

    Mrs L

    I would like to compliment Care Wyvern as they are motivational and have helped me, as previously I used to feel scared but they will give me time to talk and have discussed with me thought patterns, changing the way I think into a positive and achieving attitude.
    Care Wyvern are very caring and they make me feel wanted and they are very helpful when I am ill, which is the time when I really need them.
    They are more motivated to help when I am sick. I think the world of Care Wyvern.


    Mrs D

    The management staff are polite, approachable, helpful and any concerns noted. The care staff are well trained and caring and treat clients with dignity. Leading us to the death of my father, Care Wyvern staff were supportive, understanding and willing to adapt to the changing needs and medication requirements he had.

    They are also supportive and encouraging to my mother who is a dementia sufferer and I want the care staff she has come attached to, to continue to deliver personal care to her in her widowhood.

    Mrs H

    The staff are kind, professional and committed to my mother’s care. They always come into the house with a smile and their care is taken out with warmth and always a gentle touch. I always look forward to seeing the members of Care Wyvern, I’ve been extremely happy at all times.

    Mrs G

    The carers who come and prepare food and talk to my mother are all very kind, caring and professional. They leave a note of what has happened during their call, so I can see when I come in if anything unusual happened and how my mother was.

    The supervisors are very helpful and supportive and rectify any problems quickly. My mother has dementia and is treated with great respect and gentleness by all the staff. I feel confident that she is in safe hands with them and that they will contact me if there’s anything to do with my mother’s care that I need to be made aware of.

    Mrs H

    The carers working for Care Wyvern are very nice and friendly. You feel they have your best interests at heart. It is nice that you are given a rota once a week to tell you who you are having the following week and at what time.

    Miss B

    Our aunt (100 yrs) was treated with intelligent care and respect despite her being awkward on occasions. Although Care Wyvern only assisted for 1 month we were very pleased and had she not had to go into residential care would have been happy and continued with Care Wyvern. The office staff were excellent every time we rang.

    Mrs D

    The carers working for Care Wyvern are very nice and friendly. You feel they have your best interests at heart. It is nice that you are given a rota once a week to tell you who you are having the following week and at what time.

    MIss B


    All of the care team have been excellent providing my mother with care. From our initial meeting when my mum was in hospital to her care at home to date, we have been very happy with it all. My mum thinks the carers are wonderful and they have helped towards making her so happy.

    Miss G G