The Paperweight Armband Project

The Paperweight Armband Project

Hi Guys, I wanted to tell you about a project Care Wyvern has recently become involved in. It’s called the paperweight Armband project and it is about helping identify people who maybe at the risk of malnutrition. There are an estimated 3 million people in the UK who are at risk of malnutrition at any one time. Did you know that around one in three people are admitted to hospital or care homes in the UK are found to be malnourished or at risk of malnutrition!

pwMalnutrition is caused by having an inadequate diet or a problem absorbing nutrients from food, there may be many reasons why these things happen such as reduced mobility, a long-term health condition or low income.

Care Wyvern have always been proactive in encouraging their clients to eat and drink well. We actively promote the right to choose what people want to eat and drink and when they want to do so but at the same time we are aware of their nutritional needs.

The Paperweight Arm band project was developed in Salford by Age UK, dieticians and other health staff and has been found to be efficient in assessing those that maybe at risk of malnutrition.

It is a paper armband which is used to measure the upper arm, if it slides up and down easily this can be an indication of under nutrition.

If the armband suggests under nutrition a booklet is provided to our client which suggests steps to make their diet as nutritious as possible. As well as the booklet guide, we would suggest local groups and activities to support our clients with social connections in the local community.

For our clients who may not be able to make the best choices we work with their families or representatives to make sure they have a varied and healthy diet in hope that all their nutritional needs are met.

As well as this fabulous screening tool, we discovered The Diary’s Councils Bring it back Postcards. You may have seen my post on Twitter the other day when Mira and Tina came back from a meeting with Care Focus South West and other Care providers, with 4 delicious, nutritious and simple recipes cards.

The 4 Bring it Back Postcards, Bring Back Breakfast, Bring Back the Hot Milky Drink, Bring Back Puddings and Bring Back Snacks, are part of the matbring-it-backerials available to support vulnerable people who may be at risk of malnutrition and not eating or drinking enough for their needs. The postcards feature beautiful traditional designs on the front and recipes/charts on the reverse.

We will be introducing all our clients and carers to the Paperweight Armband and Bring it back postcards from 1st November 2016. If you would like more information or know of someone who may benefit from these tools please contact us on info@carewyvern.co.uk, we would be very happy to chat with you.