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Care Supervisors

Jill has been with Care Wyvern almost 5 years, proving to be popular and professional member of staff. We are incredibly proud of her achievements especially of her recent promotion to Care supervisor.

Jill came to Care Wyvern feeling very unsure of herself but with support and training she soon completed her Diploma in Social care level 2 and showed an aptitude towards care and supporting for her peers. Jill’s passion to learn soon had her completing her Diploma in Social care level 3 and she has now started working towards her Level 2 in Team Leading.

Jill lived in Spain for a short while before moving to Somerset. She enjoys reading, listening to music especially Rod Stewart and likes to relax by maintaining her garden.

Jill goes to exercise group, although tells us that she uses exercise in the “loosest” of terms as they actually go to musicals, the cinema and mini breaks together.

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Hi I’m Naomi, I’m 22 years old but most people say I act far too old for my age (I’m hoping it’s a compliment) I have a pretty laid-back view of life and feel you should definitely grab everything you can while you can.

I joined Care Wyvern in 2016 as a Key Worker, taking a short break as I became a mum. I re-joined the team due to being promoted as a Care supervisor and have been working alongside Jill ever since. I have worked in the care industry since I left school, following in my family’s footsteps. I love taking in new challenges and learning new skills, I have great passion for the care industry and hope to carry on progressing and learning in my role as a supervisor.

I love adrenaline filled activities and did a sky dive when I was 18, I would love to do another someday. I mostly spend my time singing nursery rhymes or talking in this strange baby language but also still love going out on the boat at West bay to do some gentle water sports.