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Jemma Stoodley

Jemma Stoodley

Jemma has recently been promoted to Joint Care Manager

Jemma Stoodley  was part of our office team as Care Coordinator/Administrator. Jemma started as a carer within the company and worked up to Field Care Supervisor, showing an aptitude towards Moving and Positioning.

After a break to raise her children Jemma rejoined the company to work alongside Dianne as coordinator and soon put her understanding and knowledge of correct moving and positioning to use and became Care Wyvern’s Moving and Positioning Instructor. Jemma trains all new applicants within the Induction process as well as attending to Moving and Positioning concerns in the field.

Jemma has completed her:

  • Level 2 Diploma in Health and Social care
  • Level 3 Diploma in Health and Social care
  • Level 5 diploma in Leadership for Health and Social Care
  • Field Care Supervisors Programme
  • Assistant Dysphasia Practitioner Level
  • Gold Standard Framework- End of life
  • Medication Level 2 Distance level
  • Alzheimer’s facilitators for Dementia Awareness
  • Alzheimer’s- Certificate in Dementia awareness
  • Equality & Diversity Level 2 NCFE
  • Dementia Level 2 Distance Learning
  • Palliative care level 3 Distance learning

And many in house training certificates

Jemma is a dedicated carer, often stepping up and providing emergency care when a client is in need. In her down time, she spends time with her Husband, 2 daughters and son. She enjoys reading, the Titanic and has a passion for Zombies.

If you have any queries and moving and positioning, a concern about a hoist or any equipment in your home please contact Jemma or Mira.