Apprenticeship in Adult Social Care completed by Carers

Apprenticeship in Adult Social Care completed by Carers

Another Proud moment at Care Wyvern. We want to congratulate Jill, Laura, Megan and Natasha B on their completion of the Intermediate Apprenticeship in Adult social Care, which includes a Diploma in Health and Social Care ( For Adults) and a certificate in Preparing to work in Adult Social Care, with Hudson Training.

The girls have all worked very hard over the last year to achieve their diplomas/apprenticeship , whilst providing excellence care and support to our clients.

The course includes areas such as:

  • Communicate and complete records for individuals
  • Support the health and safety of themselves and others
  • Developing knowledge and practice
  • Ensure their own actions support the care of individuals
  • Equality and Inclusion in health, social care and young people settings
  • Principles of safeguarding and protection in health and social care
  • Communication in health, social care and young people settings
  • Principles of Infection Prevention and control
  • Move and positioning of individuals in accordance with the care plan
  • Understanding and enable interaction and communication with individuals who have dementia

The knowledge that they have gained whilst working and working through the apprenticeship  is invaluable not only for self development but also for the safeguarding of each of our clients. Care Wyvern have always actively encouraged self development, through external training providers as well as our own in house training manager. In fact, Laura, Megan, Natasha B , Jill and  Nikki B have all gone onto working towards their Level 3 in Health and Social care. Its not just the carer staff though, Dianne, Emma S, Jemma,Emma H and Mira are also studying toward different qualifications.

Unfortunately due to them working hard, all we have to share is a picture of their certificates. Ill try my best to grab some pics when they next pop in,

Well done girls, you’ve all worked very hard.

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