A beautiful moment in time

A beautiful moment in time

Good Morning,

I am sat at my desk thinking about my journey home last night and I thought I’d share it with you.

I left work as normal at 17.30 with my office colleagues after an intense day of problem solving. I dropped into my car and turned on my tablet, ready to listen to the latest chapter in the thriller that accompanies me to and from work every day

As I drove up Station Road, I noticed an old couple, possibly in their 70’s or 80’s,slowly wandering up the road. Now there is nothing unusual about this but I had noticed that the man was having a difficult time walking. He was carrying a shopping bag and had what looked like the women’s handbag in his other hand. What a Gentleman I thought! Both of them looked frail but determined in their endeavour.

As I am stuck in traffic, I am watching them continue on their way when the man becomes even more unsteady having to lean against the wall for support, almost dropping his bags. The woman swoops in, leans against him, and puts her hand out for support. Once he was steady, they righted themselves, locked arms to continue their journey, walking that bit closer and that bit slower.

Now you may be reading this and thinking, “Why is she writing about this? Surely that’s the normal thing to do”. You would be right, but what made me take in that single moment in time was the absolute affection and support that this couple had for each other. This frail woman could not carry her own bag, or maybe the man had insisting in carrying it, but she instinctively reacts to support the man in his vulnerable moment.

That short moment in time made me think of our carers who go out every day and share supportive, tender and funny moments in our clients lives. Whether it is supporting them get ready to go to a day center, visit to a family member or simply just starting the day. Our carers truly make a difference to other people’s  lifes; much like this woman. No matter what age you are or what frailties you have its incredibly comforting to know that there is someone out there to support you.

I hope that when I am old and frail that my husband will be there to support me through the many unsteady moments I’ll no doubt have. Maybe someone will watch us with the same warm feeling that I did  watching that old couple, knowing there is a care company like Care Wyvern out there  to support us if we should need it!