Thinking of our Clients every day

Thinking of our Clients every day

Look what is landed in the office! We have been working on ways to improve our clients lives, and have developed The Hospital Passports for our clients to help ease their journey into and out of hospital. Each client will have a new Passport whenever they have to visit the hospital.

The Visitors Book is also for each of our clients, they will be placed in each home and open for any of their family or visitors to leave a comment or view. We really hope they will be used in such a way that we can build upon our care and support people the way they would like.

Over the next couple of weeks, our Field Care Supervisors will be visiting the clients and giving them all a Hospital passport and Visits book. If you are a Care Wyvern client or a family member/representative and would like one please call Emma on 01823 325554 and she will arrange getting one to you.

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