A Jam packed week at Care Wyvern

A Jam packed week at Care Wyvern

We have had a jam packed week at Care Wyvern, what with planning the Health and Care Show at Orchard Shopping centre in Taunton, to working with new applicants and our new team of Key Workers ( keep an eye out for a blog post about them all) but also a day’s SEO workshop with Dillan from Dillan Gandi Media.

I told the girls at work I had this SEO workshop booked, excitingly telling them about everything I was hoping to learn…some of you reading this might well have the same blank stare on your face as they did!

So what is SEO?

SEO or Search Engine optimisation is the name given to the activity that attempts to improve search engine ranking. In simple terms, a website has the potential to rank on Google and get to the First page (which is what we all want)

Emma has been working on improving our website since she joined the team so this workshop was invaluable to gauge how the site was developing, who was visiting the site, and what they liked to read about. By using Google analytical, we have been able to track what you guys have been up to on our site and we are so pleased to see that you visit several pages and stay to read for some time too. Emma is pleased she is not boring you all! We would, however love some feedback on the things you would like to see on the site. You can easily tell us by visiting our Contact page. Maybe you feel we could share more community stories or events. Maybe some feel-good stories or more powerful stories in line with the care sector.

Care Wyvern is dedicated to the needs of our clients and their families’ everyday, not only in the care we provide but also when we are planning or considering how you easy it is for you to communicate with us, find a new career , ask a question or make a query.

Please keep coming back to our site, I’m sure you won’t notice the subtle SEO changes but hopefully you will notice that we pop up more often in your Google searches and please do send your friends and family our way too!

Do not forget you can leave us a review on our Google account, as well as the Homecare and Facebook.



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