Paracetamol Recall

Paracetamol Recall

There have been a recall of Paracetamols, please be aware of the information below:

A recall of the below batches is in progress because a small number of pots from each batch have been found to contain discoloured tablets due to fungal contamination. The fungi have been identified as Penicillium citrinium and Penicillium brevicompactum. It is unlikely that any affected tablets will have got to patient level as the discolouration is noticeable on opening affected packs

Paracetamol 500mg Tablets, 1 x 1000
Batch No 110 Expiry Jun-23 Pack Size 1 x 1000 First Distributed 06/09/2018
Batch No 174 Expiry Oct-23 Pack Size 1 x 1000 First Distributed 14/03/2019

If you do come across any of these batches the advice is to return the product and boxes to your local pharmacy.

Source:Department of Health

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