Raising money with Cupcake and Donuts

Raising money with Cupcake and Donuts

Today is the Alzheimer’s Society National Cupcake day, we are honoured to join in by embracing our passion for cakes, and our passion to help raise money to fight dementia and those affected by it.

Dementia devastates lives in the UK, someone develops dementia every 3 minutes, and there is no known cure. Until the day that a cure is found, The Alzheimer’s society will be there for everyone affected by dementia, and we want to help them by raising as much money as we can.

£50 would pay for a tool that use symbols rather than words to help a person with advanced dementia communicate

£150.00 would pay for the Alzheimer’s Society national Dementia helpline Advisors to provide 10 hours of crucial support to people directly affected by dementia

£610 would pay for a Doctoral Trained Centre to run for a day, helping up to eight PhD researchers to carry our Groundbreaking study into dementia research.

So, you see every penny helps.Alzheimers society

This year we decided to say thank you to all our carers who support our clients with dementia by giving them all a cake with their name on it (obviously they picked which cake they really wanted to munch). Dementia can be such a challenging illness to support as the person may lose part of who they once where and many of our carers experience that first hand. The professional relationships they develop with each client is truly special so we know that they go home and carry the sadness and frustration that many family members feel. A cupcake or donut is a small gesture but it gives us the chance to say Thank you and to chat about The Alzheimer’s society and what they have aim to achieve .

Not only are the carers involved but several of our clients also joined in the event. Playing games and enjoying a cake or two

We hope that every penny that drops in the charity box really does make a difference and that by spreading the word that we can help combat dementia.

Now where is that slice of Rocky road I have saved?Cakes for carers Alzheimers Society


If you are affected by dementia or someone you know or love is please contact the Alzheimer’s society

If you would like to Donate please visit their website, it so simple and quick to do

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