The UKHCA Manifesto 2017

The UKHCA Manifesto 2017

The UKHCA Manifesto 2017 urges political parties, and candidates standing for election, to commit to ensuring almost one million older and disabled people can remain healthy and independent in their own homes, while also enabling family members to combine caring responsibilities with family life and employment.

This manifesto is intended to inform parties, candidates, and voters in the elections to the UK Parliament in June 2017. Social care is a devolved matter for the respective assemblies of Wales, Scotland, and Northern Ireland. With the exception of matters relating to exit from the European Union, social care policy described in this manifesto largely relates to the provision of social care in England.

UKHCA calls on the next government to:

  1. Ensure that people with care and support needs can remain independent at home
  2. Relieve pressure on the NHS by effective use of homecare
  3. Make it easier for people who are willing or able to fund their own care and support
  4. Stabilise the state-funded social care market
  5. Expand the workforce and increase recognition of homecare workers
  6. Ensure that the public are protected through consistent regulation
  7. Ensure a sufficient workforce following exit from the European Union

Source: UKHCA 


You can read the entire manifesto here UKHCAManifesto


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