Introducing new talent to Care Wyvern

Introducing new talent to Care Wyvern

Well, what a whirlwind the last 6 weeks have brought to the offices of Care Wyvern. Since Jemma left, we have been meeting and interviewing some amazing candidates to fill the position of Coordinator. We had many impressive applicants both internally and externally apply and we are finally happy to share with you that Craig Ford, who we had taken on as part time administrator/carer has been promoted to the role of care coordinator to work alongside Dianne. Craig showed to have a natural aptitude to the complex system and an understanding of a carers and clients’ needs when planning our runs. You can contact Craig directly at

Obviously with Craig now sitting in the care coordinator role the position of part time administrator was left unfilled. Whilst meeting with applicants we saw potential in an internal applicant that joined us in 2017. An understated gentleman with a soft manner and hidden talents. We are very pleased to share that Marcus will be joining us in the office as Part time administrator on a Thursday and Friday. Marcus has an impressive background in administration, logistics and statistics that make him the perfect candidate for the role. Marcus joins the office as of 12 September 2019.

The excitement doesn’t stop there though as we also have Kayleigh joining us next week. She will be working as recruitment and communication coordinator in Emma’s place.

Kayleigh also has an impressive background working within a similar sector to our own and will be working closely with everyone in the office, continuing to recruit staff, bring in new business and manage all our social media platforms. As kayleigh is new to Care Wyvern she will be using her already acquired talents to help her bed in with our own technology and ways of working. You will be able to contact her Kayleigh directly on if you have any recruitment queries.

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