“Why I came back to Care Wyvern”

Ross sat down with Kayleigh to discuss why he came back to Care Wyvern

Ross joined us originally in 2016, but in January of this year, he decided he wanted a change and made the decision to leave to pursue work elsewhere. Fast forward to August and we were pleased that he made the decision to come back to us. I asked Ross how he felt leaving Care Wyvern. “I soon realised it was my biggest mistake. It’s a cliché, but you sometimes have to leave to be able to see what you are missing. I missed everything about the job, and within 6 months I knew I wanted to come back.”

Ross previously worked in the motor trade, and whilst he found it enjoyable, he really wanted a change. This is what brought Ross to us back in 2016. “Care Wyvern gave me a huge opportunity when they took me on in a role that was completely new to me. They just let me run with it. Although I came in with no knowledge, the training opportunities were amazing and I was soon up to speed. Now they’ve given me the opportunity to come back and do the job I love, and I’m so pleased.” When asked about what he missed the most during his time away, Ross replied, “The freedom, the travelling to clients out in the community and not confined in the same place all day. It is a very flexible job in that respect. I also missed the clients I used to visit – helping them day to day.”

I asked Ross what had attracted him to Community Care to start with. He informed me, “It’s the people you meet, the different hours that you get to work and the different perspective you get. I’ve worked in other care settings, and can honestly say working in the community is the most rewarding.” So what is it that made Ross want to come back here? “I knew I wanted to get back into the Community, and I knew just how good the team is at Care Wyvern. The training and support they offer is amazing, and it really is like a family. I’m so pleased they gave me the opportunity to come back. It’s like I’ve never been away!” It’s safe to say Ross isn’t the only one pleased that he’s back with us, many of his former clients have shared with us how pleased they are to see him again.

“I can honestly say, this was the best career move I’ve made. Working in the community is so rewarding. I know I will stay in the industry for good now, this is a job for life.”

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