Congratulations to a dedicated Carer

Congratulations to a dedicated Carer

We would like to icongratulate Jayne on her outsanding long service at Care Wyvern.

It is Jayne’s 18th Year Anniversary with Care Wyvern today. Jayne is one of our most dedicated carer who has build strong connections and developed lovely relations with both her clients and those she works with.

We are very honoured to have worked with Jayne for so long and look forward to many more years to come.

Well done Jayne!

If you are interested in becoming a carer and Jayne has inspired you why not call Emma today and she can tell you all about Care Wyvern and what we do to support our clienst in the community.

We are looking for a home care worker  superhero in the crowd. That one person who stands out and says I want to make a difference.Could you be that person?

Home care worker

Clare the Super carer

Are you dedicated?

Are you patient?

Are you empathetic?

Are you reliable?

Do you say yes to all these things with your hand on your hips?

No two days will be the same even though many of your clients will be,and we want you to enjoy your time building a professional relationship with your clients,which is why we have set time slots with each client.

Call Emma today!

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